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Na(mmol/L )K(mmol/L )
ClCO2(mmol/L )(mmol/L )


Anion Gap = Na + K - Cl - C02 = ???.
Often the potassium is not included in the anion gap calculation, like this:
Angion Gap = Na - Cl - C02 = ???.


The delta anion gap is the observed anion gap - 12, which is normal, and is ???.
The delta bicarbonate is the observed total CO2 (from electrolytes) subtracted from 27 and is .
The bicarbonate gap measures the delta anion gap minus the delta bicarbonate and is .
It is abnormal for the bicarbonate gap to vary more than 6.


Observed Albumin g/dL g/L* If the albumin is low, as in nephrotic syndrome, it will affect the anion gap
Correct anion gap=Observed anion gap +.25(normal albumin-observed albumin) for alb measured in g/L
and is
*The international units for albumin is g/L - If you are adding values in SI units, we divided by 10.


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