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Male Female
Feet inches Centimeters
Check anthropometric equations
feet inches
Weight in kg
Age in years


V24 hr urine: cc
Uurine urea nitrogen: mg/dL
Pplasma urea nitrogen: mg/dL
RKCuncorrected for BSA (Residual Kidney Function): ??? cc/min
RKC (Residual Kidney Function): ??? cc/min/1.73m2
RKC/VWatson: ???L/wk
RKC/VHume: ???L/wk


Vdialysate: Liters/24 hr
Udialysate urea: mg/dL
Purea: ___ mg/dL
Cdialysate: ??? L/week
Cdialysate: ??? L/week/1.73m2


kt/VWatson: ___
kt/VHume: ___
TBWWatson: ??? (anthropometric volume)
TBWHume: ???(anthropometric volume)
BSADubois: ??? (Body Surface Area)


  • RKC=V*U urea/Purea
  • RKCcc/min=RKC/1440
  • RKCcorrected=RKC*1.73/BSA;
  • RKCL/min=RKC/1000
  • RKCL/wk=RKCmin/cc*10080
  • RKC/VWatson=RKCL/wk/V (Watson)
  • RKC/VHume=RKCL/wk/V (Hume)
  • Cdialysate=Durea*Vdialysate/Purea)*1.73/BSA
  • Kt/Vwk=(RKC+Cdialysate)/Vanthropometric
    • 10080=minutes/week =24 hours*7 days*60 min
    • 1440=minutes/24 hours
    • C=Clearance
    • P=Ureaplasma urea nitrogen
    • RKC = residual kidney function
    • D=dialysate
    • V = volume
    • U = urine


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